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“Deurotech Group gradually creating other pillars besides treating technology”

Over the past few years, Deurotech Group GmbH (DTG), based in Langenfeld, Germany, has established several new pillars alongside its treating and coating technology business run by Vits Technology GmbH, also headquartered in Langenfeld. Deurotech was created in late April 2015 when the private equity firm Hannover Finanz GmbH, based in Hanover, Germany and Vienna, Austria, acquired a majority stake.

Quelle: EUWID: Special: Wood-Based Panels 10|2018

“We focus on strategic partnership for environmental protection”

In an interview with material+technik möbel, Volker Reidegeld (CEO Managing Director of Vits Technology and Wessel-Umwelttechnik) and Hannes Mitterweissacher (Head of the Technology/Production Division at Egger) discuss the measures that are planned in order to face the environmental protection requirements in the future.

Deurotech Group and Egger in an interview with m+t
Source: material+technik möbel 05|18

Deurotech Group acquires majority stake of Airprotech

With effect from February 8th, 2018, Deurotech Group acquires a majority stake in the Italian exhaust air specialist Airprotech srl, located in Magenta, Italy. The founding Family Gatti remains with a minority stake. With this decision, the group strengthens its market position in the field of exhaust air purification and decisively expands its portfolio in the field of environmental technologies.

The investment in Airprotech complements the already existing product program of their subsidiary Wessel-Umwelttechnik, striving to promote the strategic expansion of the product sector exhaust air purification – in particular the biological and thermal exhaust air purification processes. In addition to innovative technologies and qualified personnel, positive synergies in procurement, R & D as well as in customer service are expected.

Airprotech and Wessel-Umwelttechnik have a high level of know-how and innovation potential, which offer opportunities with regard to diversification and global growth. In the light of these market opportunities, the acquisition of Airprotech is the first step for a further significant expansion of the business unit environmental technologies. 

Airprotech´s proven management team as well as the location remain the same.

Deurotech Group is a group of businesses specializing in the wood-based panels and paper industry. The machinery and plant engineers Vits Technology, IFA Technology and Wessel-Umwelttechnik offer coordinated process technology in surface converting from a single source: impregnation and coating lines, systems for resin preparation as well as exhaust air purification and energy recovery.

Airprotech is a leading company specialized in designing, manufacturing in its own facilities and supplying turn-key plants for the purification of polluted gas emissions, based on reliable and modern technologies, deriving from more than 25 years of experience applied to different product sectors. International customers from the chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, print, paint industry and many other fields are supplied with custom-designed turn-key solutions. 

Wessel-Umwelttechnik is a professional partner in all questions of exhaust air purification and heat recovery. The company provides turn-key installations for various environmental tasks. An extensive product range allows tailor-made system technology. In addition to cost-effective delivery and installation, the company´s main focus is on the optimal economic operation of the system.

Exhibition Report LIGNA Hanover

Hanover – Deurotech Group extends order situation during LIGNA exhibition

At this years‘ LIGNA, the Deurotech Group presented itself in a fresh look and with its motto „Partnering for Efficiency“ – the dedicated definition of goals of the group companies Vits Technology, IFA Technology and Wessel-Umwelttechnik. The three experts of the wood based panels industry are specializing in the generation of synergies and the improvement of performance, which was very well received by national and international booth visitors.

“The concept was aDeurotech Group at LIGNA 2017ppealing to our customers – they are well and truly satisfied. The success of the show also reflects in the extended offer situation for the Deurotech Group“, said CEO and shareholder Werner Deuring.

The presentation of the Deurotech Group at the exhibition concentrated on advances and innovation in different sectors of technology. Vits Technology put the professional focus on registered embossing and convinced the visitors with an exhibit of their dimension measuring. IFA Technology put the emphasis on resin and glue production and was able to enlarge the recognition of this business segment. Being one of the main focuses at LIGNA, the company was able to arouse interest in the field of process automation and won over the visitors. The specialist for environmental solutions, Wessel-Umwelttechnik, presented its core topics of exhaust air cleaning and energy recovery – here, the BIOCAT-scrubber met a lively interest from the professional visitors as individual solution for the biological exhaust air purification.

The concept “Partnering for Efficiency” of the Deurotech Group offered the visitors a unique platform: With the cooperation of the companies Vits, IFA and Wessel, the group has a broad base and is able to consult and support the customers comprehensively and at all levels concerning impregnation and coating.

The exhibition LIGNA Hanover is the world’s leading trade fair for machinery, plant and tools for the woodworking and timber processing industry. More than 1.550 exhibitors from over 40 countries presented their products and services round forestry and wood industry. Thematic areas included forestry technology, sawmill technology, wood-based panel production and energy from wood. The focus was on the production of wood as a raw material for products and energy generation, through the planning, felling and retrieval stages.

ICE Europe, Munich12.03. - 14.03.2019

ICE EuropeThe International Converting Exhibition ICE Europe brings suppliers of machines and systems for the converting sector together with industry specialists in search of the latest production solutions for their business ideas.

We look forward to welcoming you at our booth #1044 in hall A5.

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LIGNA, Hannover27.05. - 31.05.2019

LIGNA HannoverAt LIGNA in Hannover, Germany, over 1,500 exhibitors are presenting a huge array of plant, machinery and tools for every aspect of woodworking and the processing of wood and wood-panel products (engineered wood). The fair also features a rich supporting program, with special displays devoted to all the latest trends, e.g. integrated manufacturing and processing, efficiency, sustainability and versatility in materials processing.

Visit us at our corporate booth #D09 in hall 26 – we are looking forward to seeing you there!

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