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With effect from February 1st, 2023 the Deurotech Group GmbH, with its headquarters in Langenfeld, Germany, acquired the assets of Oschatz Energy and Environmental GmbH, Essen, Germany, through its newly formed Oschatz Power GmbH. With this acquisition, the Deurotech Group further strengthens its position as expert in the field of environmental- and energy technologies.

Oschatz Power specializes in supplying plants and services for the following industries:

  • Energy- and powerplants, particularly steam boilers and incinerators for the use of biomasses, recyclables, and other fuels.
  • Chemical industry, particularly the incineration of residue and heat recovery systems for diverse chemical processes.
  • Ferrous- and steel industry, particularly heat recovery systems after sinter- coking- and conversion plants.
  • Nonferrous metallurgy, particularly heat recovery systems in plants for the production of lead, copper, zinc or tin.

The acquisition of Oschatz Power is a perfect addition to the already existing Deurotech Group companies active in the environmental technology field.

"With the addition of Oschatz Power, we are able to offer our customers an even broader product portfolio in the environmental and energy technology field, following the motto: “Everything from one source”. Our customers will benefit from various synergies, which will be generated by our companies.”, explains Werner Deuring, CEO of the Deurotech Group.

The highly qualified Oschatz Power team with its know-how and drive for innovation will put its competence to work and bring sustainable technologies in the field of environmental- and energy technologies to further strengthen the position of the Deurotech Group as a leading provider of solutions in the sector.

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